Our Client Service

Copperfield Advisory is a marketing, communications and strategy consulting firm based in New York.

Our clients are businesses or philanthropic foundations led by their founders and/or owners. We serve founders and owners because of their outsized interest in brand and reputation, their long-term perspective, and the nimble and action-oriented qualities we often find in their firms.

Our clients engage us on complicated opportunities and challenges that can be solved through smart marketing and communications initiatives. Their organizations are found across the economy: in professional services, financial services, consumer goods, technology, chemicals, investing, public policy and philanthropy.

We work with clients on strategy, corporate communications, brand positioning, public relations, marketing (including content marketing), recruiting and investor relations. Our work is always evidence-based, oriented toward the achievement of organizational priorities, and creative. Unlike many other advisory firms, we promise to give our clients direct, frank, and sometimes unpopular advice.

We bring our clients decades of experience and deep expertise in brand and reputation management. We have helped lead very large companies, and executed marketing and communications plans for institutions enjoying growth and facing crises. We bring our experience in helping run major businesses to bear in our client work every day.

Our professional model is characterized by three principles.

First, we bring a bespoke approach to every project we undertake. While we have developed diagnostic and analytical tools, we have no ‘trade-marked’ model or ‘plug- and-play’ process. Each market is different, each client is unique, and each solution is designed specifically for the challenges and opportunities we see.

Second, we take a data-led approach to our work. We emphasize the importance of creating a proper factual foundation for our work.

Third, we believe that a thoughtful approach to communications can be transformative for a business. We are committed to creating initiatives that protect and enhance the reputation of our clients and position them as the thinking partner of choice for their industry.


How We Work


As consultants to senior executive teams, we have extensive experience leading large internal corporate marketing and communications teams. We have a specific set of beliefs on how we should serve our clients.



Problems and Opportunities Deserve New Thinking

We draw on our past experience helping lead businesses and advising political leaders, but we think every client deserves fresh thinking oriented around the very specific context in which they operate, and the distinct opportunities and challenges that they face. This is not a one-size-fits-all professional discipline.


Real Expertise and Continuity

We provide an unparalleled level of service by hiring only the best minds: people with a track record of solving complex business problems with deep technical expertise. The consultants you meet at the pitch presentation will be there throughout the lifecycle of the project and beyond.

Lean and Flexible

In our experience, large consulting teams quickly become unwieldy, complicated, and expensive. We keep our teams compact and focused. Should a project grow in scope, we bring in additional expertise for just as long as it is needed.

Relationships Matter

A great client relationship is not simply measured in terms of productivity. We seek to understand what matters to you and to create an environment of trust, transparency, and commitment to your long-term success.


Our Team


Andy Whitehouse

Founder & Managing Partner

Christine Roletter

Executive Assistant

Cosette Gastelu

Research Associate

David Bass

Client Service Director

Katherine Colquitt



Ebba Mattsson

Junior Associate

Mary McDonough

Research Associate

Russell Ollis

Junior Associate

Todd Langstaff


Yolande Daeninck

Client Service Director



Contact Us

Email: info@copperfield.nyc 

U.S. Location
245 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1501
New York, NY 10016



If you are looking for a challenging and stimulating career with one of the most dynamic advisory agencies around please contact: Christine@copperfield.nyc