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We commit to bring our clients all of the expertise and diversity of thought that they need to address problems and capture opportunities.  

In order to meet the broadest range of client requests, we will work in partnership with renowned experts in professional fields adjacent to our own.

Where Copperfield clients need more support than we have capacity to provide on marketing and communications campaigns, we work in partnership with ASB Strategies, a consultancy that advises clients on effective storytelling techniques and on media engagement. ASB maintains a robust network of global media contacts to ensure that clients have access to those media venues that best further their business objectives, and develops recommendations for action that are tailor-made to each client it serves.
Copperfield is proud to be a member of the Clarim Holdings family.

Founded by 1-800-Flowers.com founder and executive chairman Jim McCann, Clarim is a growing collection of companies created to help founder-led and family businesses expand and seize new growth opportunities. Copperfield benefits from regular collaboration with Clarim sister firms like Techonomy, The Second Shift, and Worth Media, and offers its clients access to their unique expertise in media, events, and technology.
For clients in the philanthropic sector, we have collaborated with California-based consultancy Golden State. Its principal, Eric Nonacs, has more than 25 years’ experience offering high-level advice on broadening the impact of international non-profits. He brings expertise in areas such as climate change, pandemic disease, poverty alleviation, and economic inequality, drawn from his work as a senior advisor to former President Bill Clinton and to the Clinton Foundation. Our clients benefit from his particular expertise in building partnerships between the private and public sectors.
When Copperfield clients seek advice on product design and the creative use of technology, we collaborate with designer Dr. Pip Mothersill. Having completed her PhD at the MIT Media Lab, Pip has extensive experience in the application of principles of design theory, cognitive psychology and human-centered design. Pip is a part-time member of the faculty at Parsons The New School in New York. Her work yields unconventional ideas for how clients might bring their ideas to life, and a more creative vision for how to engage their intended audience.
Our clients know that brand and reputation play an invaluable role in retaining customers, attracting employees, and securing investment. We are honored to be their trusted partners in building and protecting these essential assets.
To preserve and foster brand and reputation, our clients must measure the outcomes associated with them. We work alongside Revolution Insights Group (RIG), an analytics firm that uses proprietary data and methods drawn from evolutionary science and management scholarship to both measure a company’s reputation and then determine what attributes are driving that reputation.  This allows RIG to describe a company’s “reputation signature” in comparison to its strongest and weakest peers. 

By measuring reputation and contrasting a company’s “signature” with the strongest competitors in its sector or geography, RIG highlights the attributes against which clients and their Copperfield teams can direct their problem-solving to the areas that matter most. Ultimately, RIG analysis informs the customized brand and communications planning that we help our clients implement. 
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