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We help answer fundamental questions that drive value.

What makes an institution different and competitive, and why should its stakeholders engage with it? We help you define and communicate the unique elements that make up your brand and positioning, and ensure your audiences understand and remember them.

Two heads are better than one. We help clients identify strategic partners with shared values and interests, and support them in creating partnerships.

Sharing useful, relevant, and timely counsel and stories is one of the most effective ways to engage an audience. We can create and place content that moves your stakeholders to action.

The most critical component of crisis response is preparation. We bring decades of experience in crisis management and can guide your organization through risk analysis, risk mitigation plans, and strategic crisis response plans in case the worst does occur.

Design drives innovation, innovation powers brands, brands build loyalty, and loyalty sustains profits. If you want long-term profits, start with design. We have in-house capabilities to support you with design elements.

Clear, concise, and comprehensive communications with your investors is essential to maintaining your relationships and compliance. Our experience and strategy can support effective two-way communications with you and your financial community.

We know how newsrooms work and what journalists need and want. Our insights, experience and training curriculum can help you skillfully respond to inquiries, navigate interviews, and place opinion content.

One of the biggest challenges that organizations face is finding — and keeping — the right people. We understand that your employees determine your organization’s success every day. Together we can build and promote your reputation as the workplace of choice.

Your leaders have a unique ethos and deserve to be the go-to opinion leaders in your field. Our strategies and tactics can turn their ideas into inspiration and their experiences into guidebooks.

We tap our years of experience in front of cameras and behind podiums to offer practical advice and coaching to hone media interview and presentation skills. We can also translate our classroom teaching into training sessions to improve your employees’ and your organization’s communications.

Case Studies

A Fortune 500 financial services company with a nearly 100-year-old legacy needed to bolster its competitive advantage through a targeted technical recruitment and retention campaign. Through a brand audit, we determined that to compete successfully against traditional tech companies, the client needed to make its name synonymous with technology, data, and innovation. Through extensive primary and secondary research, Copperfield designed a four-step initiative – modeled on a potential recruit’s decision journey – to help the client enhance its brand, overhaul its communications, and improve its retention tactics.
recruiting strategy • brand and positioning strategy 

The Board of Directors of a global public health foundation active in Sub-Saharan Africa felt that its impact was constrained by its inability to tell its story to key beneficiaries, donors, and medical professionals. We recognized that the foundation struggled to differentiate itself within a crowded field, and lacked the resources to mount a major publicity campaign. Accordingly, we conducted a tightly-focused review and recommended new positioning to the board who, after much internal debate and soul-searching, implemented it across their marketing and communications channels.

content marketing • coalition-building • brand and positioning strategy

A private equity-backed consumer packaged goods company hired a turnaround CEO to revitalize its stagnated brand and transform its organizational culture. In helping onboard the executive, a number of personnel deficiencies, particularly in internal and external communications, came to light. We undertook an expanded mandate of work: an effort to establish the executive’s profile within the company through a steady stream of town halls, memos, and new employee initiatives and a media relations campaign that used his new tenure to restore the company’s profile within the consumer packaged goods industry.

thought leadership development • media relations • brand and positioning strategy

A new science- and technology-focused philanthropic organization wanted to develop its brand proposition and establish unique positioning among peer organizations. We determined that a coordinated thought leadership plan, performed in tandem with one-on-one outreach to important partners and beneficiaries, would be critical to define the organization above and distinct from its well-known founder. The initial phase having proven successful, we moved beyond our strict communications mandate to help create and design a number of programs. 

thought leadership development • coalition building • media relations • brand and positioning strategy

A global consulting firm sought support in developing thought leadership content in two priority areas, as its demand for services outstripped the bandwidth of its internal team. Though it had a very strong reputation in its core areas of practice, the firm was not well-known in the competitive spheres for which it needed new content. We embedded in their publishing operations, helping develop, execute and syndicate desired content and improve internal processes so that they could develop stronger content more quickly in future.

thought leadership development

A FORTUNE 500 financial services company spearheaded the development of a disruptive fin-tech innovation. Ahead of a major pitch meeting, the client engaged us to develop the first iteration of a new brand and positioning. Through identifying the target audience for this service and helping imagine the customer decision-making journey, we executed a complete brand overhaul and developed a set of key values that would guide the organization into the future.

brand and positioning strategy

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